Grow Industrial Hemp for CBD

Switch from corn or soy and see an upwards of a 10-time profit increase per acre


A Lucrative Opportunity for Illinois farmers in 2019
  • Get in on the ground floor of Industrial Hemp – Grow hemp this year and see an estimated profit of $20,000+ per acre.
  • We are looking to provide rooted clones for a select number of Illinois farmers for this 2019 grow season.

We are committed to making Illinois Hemp program a success in its first year by providing clones to Illinois farmers. We are have been extracting hemp in Colorado for two years and are excited to open up or processing in our home state, the great state of Illinois! Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of Illinois hemp program and form a relationship with one of the few Illinois CBD extractors.

Work with an Illinois Extractor

  • Availability of 1 Million+ clones
  • Cultivation support
  • We will be processing CBD for 2019
  • Family owned / Veteran operated

Benefits of Clones vs Seed

  • 100% guaranteed female plants
  • No germination loss
  • Less risk of pollination
  • Less risk of genetic mutations

Planting from un-feminized seeds you can see up to a 20% germination loss and a 50/50 split of male to female plants. a pollinated female plant yields 50% less biomass and reduces potency by 30%. Reduce the risk of pollinating your crop by planting our guaranteed female rooted clones and Eliminate the added labor cost of sexing plants.

the seeds may be cheaper upfront but after labor cost of sexing plants its cheaper to just buy 100%guaranteed female plants. Inquire about our projected gross profit cost and labor costs.

Get in on the ground floor of the new Illinois Industrial Hemp Program!

Number of Clones



1-5 Acres
6-10 Acres
11-25 Acres
26-50 Acres

*30% deposit required full payment required 1 week before delivery.

Current Strains Include:

  • Cherry Citrus
  • Sweetened
  • Stout
  • T1
  • Franklin

Strain availability to be determined based on supply

For more information and to reserve your rooted clones today Contact Tim Horras (779) 243-8209 or Avery Benitez (612)632-6369