Illinois Hemp For CBD in 2019!

We Have Limited Numbers of Rooted, Female Hemp Clone Plants Available for 2019 Cultivation.


Get in on the ground floor of Industrial Hemp – Grow hemp for CBD in 2019 and see an estimated net profit of $20,000+ per acre.


Ask About “Toll-Processing” Your Hemp Flower Biomass Into CBD, to Triple Your Net Profit Per Acre!

  • We are offering rooted female hemp clones for CBD, to a select, few Illinois farmers.
  • We recommend cultivating parcels of one to ten (1 – 10) acres for this 2019 growing season.
  • We are committed to making the Illinois Hemp program a success in its first year.
  • We have been extracting hemp in Colorado for two years and are excited to open up processing in our home state, the great state of Illinois!
  • Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the Illinois hemp program and form a relationship with one of the few Illinois CBD extractors.


Toll-Processing your hemp crop into CBD can TRIPLE your net profit per acre, versus the straight sale of your hemp biomass.

  • Selling Hemp Biomass to the open market is one way to turn your crop into cash. But nobody knows where the market will be at harvest time.
  • A more profitable alternative is to Toll-Process your crop into CBD with Hemp Foundry.
  • Earn up to 3X the value of your hemp biomass for Toll-Processing.
  • Hemp Foundry will intake material and process it into CBD. You will then own 60% of the CBD material and Hemp Foundry will own 40%.
  • Hemp Foundry can also sell your CBD Distillate or Isolate for you, for a modest, $250 per Kg commission.
  • Example: 30-40 Lbs. of hemp flower biomass is needed to produce 1 kg of CBD Isolate.
  • The market value of 40 Lbs. Biomass is ~$1,200
  • Your 60% of the value of 1 Kg of CBD Isolate is $2,750, including Hemp Foundry’s $250 commission to sell it.
  • Rather than $1,200, 40 Lbs. of your hemp Biomass will return you $2,750.
  • Our Toll-Processing and sales cycle will take 1.5 months from your delivery of biomass that meets our specifications.
  • We guarantee first access to our Toll-Processing Partners, to Hemp Foundry’s processing capacity.
  • We will then give priority access to buyers of our hemp clones.
  • We will then grant remaining access to the rest of the market.
  • Our legal team is developing our Toll-Processing Contract.


Illinois Hemp Grow Licenses Are Now Available Online, from IL Department of Agriculture.

  • You probably know that growing hemp for CBD is now legal in Illinois.
  • But did you also know that industrial hemp growing licenses are now available on Illinois Department of Agriculture’s website? Click there on Plants, then click Industrial Hemp.


Transplanting rooted, female hemp clones will jump-start your 2019 growing season.

  • Planting female hemp clones is much more reliable and more economical than planting hemp seeds.


To reserve your rooted hemp clones, guaranteed 100% to be female plants, place a down-payment for 30% of the value of clone plants that you commit to purchase from us.

  • The balance of your clones purchase price is due one (1) week before we schedule your delivery.
  • 2,500 hemp clones are needed to cultivate one (1) acre, each clone costing $4.75. The cost of clones for cultivating one (1) acre is therefore 2500 x $4.75 = $11,875.
  • Please place your deposit of 30% x $11,875 = $3,562.50 per acre as soon as possible, to reserve your rooted, female hemp clones.
  • Our clone price declines from $4.75 to $4.50 each, when you purchase 10,000 or more clones, to cultivate four (4) acres or more.
  • Our clone price declines further, from $4.50 to $4.25 each, when you purchase 20,000 or more clones, to cultivate eight (8) acres or more.


Ask Us to Show You Our Economic Model For CBD Hemp Cultivation Versus Corn.

  • Please scroll down and read below for more details.
  • We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Work with an Illinois Extractor

  • Availability of 1 Million+ clones
  • Cultivation support
  • We will be processing CBD for 2019
  • Family owned / Veteran operated

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Benefits of Clones vs Seed

  • 100% guaranteed female plants
  • No germination loss
  • Less risk of pollination
  • Less risk of genetic mutations

Planting from un-feminized seeds you can see up to a 20% germination loss and a 50/50 split of male to female plants. A pollinated female plant yields 50% less biomass and reduces the CBD potency of the biomass by 30%.

  • The market price for hemp biomass is set as the dollar value per percentage point of CBD per pound of biomass.
  • If your female hemp plants are pollinated by male hemp plants, the value of your hemp crop will be reduced by both the weight of biomass per plant, and the percentage of CBD per pound of biomass.
  • Reduce the risk of pollinating your crop, by planting our guaranteed female, rooted hemp clones. This will eliminate the added $5,000 per acre labor cost of sexing plants from seeds and removing male plants before they pollinate.
  • Hemp seeds may seem to be cheaper up front, but after labor cost of sexing plants, it is around $5,000 more economical per acre to buy 100% guaranteed female clone plants.
  • Inquire about our projected gross profit, labor costs, and projected net profit per acre.

Get in on the ground floor of the new Illinois Industrial Hemp Program!

Number of Clones



1-5 Acres
6-10 Acres
11-25 Acres
26-50 Acres

*30% deposit required full payment required 1 week before delivery.

Current Strains Include:

  • Cherry Citrus
  • Sweetened
  • Stout
  • T1
  • Franklin

Strain availability to be determined based on supply

For more information and to reserve your rooted clones today, please contact:
Tim Horras (779) 243-8209